Playing the piano is great fun! If you want to, you can learn how to do it.

Whether you are a beginner, or you want to pick it up again, piano lessons can be fun for everyone. Give your fantasy free reign, train your memory, develop your technique and enjoy yourself. The piano has music to offer for young and old, in many styles and on all kinds of levels. I will enjoy showing you how to play!

Hans Eijsink

My name is Hans Eijsink. I am a piano teacher and I am based in Haren. My Yamaha grand piano is there for you to play. Teaching the piano is challenging for me because every pupil goes through an individual musical development. That’s what always makes teaching interesting for me.

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Piano lessons

In principle, the setup of the lessons is simple. First, you show what you have been practising during the past week. If there are still any difficult points, then we work on those together until it goes better. Then we study the music you can work on during the next week. Usually this goes smoothly and quickly, occasionally perhaps it’s more difficult, but together we will always manage to progress a step further.

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Every year, the pupils are given the chance to show to each other what they have learned. Primarily, these are easy going and cosy gatherings, to which you can bring along your father and mother, brothers and sisters as supporters to show them what you can play. Everyone finds that quite exciting, but a recital is also a good opportunity to really get to know how to play a piece really well. Giving a recital is, however, not an obligation: if you want to, you can of course just come along to listen to the others.


The piano lessons are usually for half an hour each week (+/- 40 lessons each year). The fees are as follows:

Leerlingen tot 21 jr. € 682,50 per jaar
Volwassenen € 826,- per jaar (incl. 21% BTW)
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